Sports Facility

The Shalom Dream Center Sports Facility will be a sports field and playground with equipment to play football, volley-ball, badminton and other sports and games.

It will be available to students, staff, Dream Village & Children’s Center participants and local adults.

Why a Sport Facility?

The nearby local area does not have many affordable recreational facilities to offer either to students and guests at Shalom Dream Center/Dream Village or to local adults and children.

The Sports Facility will provide healthy relaxation, playing sports and games for all who use the center and make their time there more enjoyable.

It will also be an attraction to local adults and be a way to reach out to them.

How Can You Help Us?

We already have land available, purchased for the Shalom Dream Center Project. The overall cost of the project is specified in the Budget Breakdown.

To make this piece of land suitable for recreational activity will cost the following:

Leveling the ground, removing rocks and other debris that could cause injuries and sowing good quality grass

Buying durable equipment for a range of sports including soccer goals and balls, volleyball nets and balls, badminton nets and shuttles, boules sets etc.

In the future we would also like to add affordable gym equipment, perhaps a second hand cycle machines and weights.

To Make The Shalom Dream Center a Reality We Need You