Budget Breakdown

Our goal is for Shalom Dream Center to be constructed and self-sustaining by 2026. Much can be achieved for relatively little financial outlay – but this is rapidly changing. Recent trends, such as an influx of outside business buying land and increased tourism have added urgency to our planning. Costs will soon escalate.

Along with land and construction costs we have estimated what is required over a 7 year period (in USD) from the opening phase to completion.

Steps to build the full Shalom Dream Center include:


  1. Purchasing land
  2. Constructing and equipping DV buildings. We plan to have 3 main buildings to provide meeting and classrooms, and accommodation for students Retreat Center guests and visiting teachers
  3. Raising capacity and training workers from the Laoka area, who can staff the center
  4. Developing and sustaining a network of 50 pastors in the region who will support and advocate the ministry and become partners in growing the work
  5. Establishing a kindergarten for local Buddhist/animistic families who need help and support in parenting
  6. Developing an organic farm to produce food from our land for our own use and sale of any surplus
  7. Creating a Sports/Play area for children’s ministry and guests – that also draws in local adults.
  8. Creating a high quality clinic/pharmacy that can also make referrals to local hospitals. We will seek partnership with organisations who can advise and provide financial and human resources.
  9. Recruit teachers with vocational skills they can pass on to students. St. Paul was a tent-maker so some of our trained workers will also earn income from paid employment or their own business.

Budget Breakdown

In order of priority.

Additional land purchase for Shalom Dream Center

Rooms for Staff, Teachers & Retreat Guests

Operating the children’s centre and kindergarten 7 years @ $6,000 per year

Establishing our organic farm - buying fruit trees, plants and equipment

Classroom, Meeting Room & Children's Center

Training of local workers from the Laoka area for work and local ministry at the Center 7 years @ $500 per year

Building the children’s playground

Annual running costs of the center for the first 7 years

Dormitory for Students & Youth Camp

Developing a network of 50 pastors in the region as partners in the ministry 7 years @ $2,000 per year

Creating the sports facilities

The Clinic/Pharmacy has not yet been planned or budgeted for.

Staff living expenses are not covered in this proposal. We trust these will be covered through fees we charge and other donated gifts.

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