Organic Farm and Vocational Center

We want to use every means we can to prepare workers for Christian ministry and to reach out to the local community with the Gospel.

Shalom Dream Center is committed to preparing men and women to take the Gospel to the lost, to serve their local churches and to lead and train believers to serve Jesus Christ. As well as teaching them the Bible and ministry skills we also want to help them to acquire practical skills that may help them to supplement their income and support their ministry – as St. Paul did at times, by making tents.

Why an Organic Farm and Vocational Training?

We want Shalom Dream Center to become self-sustaining and one of the ways to do this is to grow our own food on our own farm – and sell any surpluses we may have.

We intend to extend the range of practical skills training in future by involving them in all aspects of running Shalom Dream Center. So that, for example, students may learn about car and moto maintenance, building and woodworking skills, cooking skills, basic nutrition, hygiene and health care and so on.

We will seek skilled people who are willing to teach our students. This will not only enable them to do more for themselves in the future but will also help Shalom Dream Center to deal with practical needs more economically.

Project Description

The first stage in developing this practical side of Shalom Dream Center’s work is to establish the organic farm.

The farm will provide low cost good quality food for people in Shalom Dream Center and provide income through the sale of surplus production.

Bible School students will benefit in the following ways:

  • Students will work on the farm as a way of keeping their fees low by helping to produce cheaper food
  • They will either bring their existing skills to this work or learn new skills doing it
  • This will develop a sense of community at Shalom Dream Center as we work together to provide for the work
  • This will be healthy physical work to balance the classroom learning they will be doing
  • This will help to develop a stronger sense of responsibility and adaptability in the younger students as they discover the joys of learning to provide for themselves

How Can You Help Us?

We already have land for the Organic Farm on land purchased for the Shalom Dream Center Project. The overall cost of the project is specified in the Budget Breakdown.

We still need funds for:

Buying fruit trees, plants, seed and equipment

Do you have skills in farming?

We need advice and training of people to work on the farm.

To Make The Shalom Dream Center a Reality We Need You