Dream Village

The Dream Village will make available, to Christian workers in the eastern provinces, an affordable venue to meet for small conferences, retreats and relaxation – a place where they can seek the Lord corporately or individually and also receive refreshing counsel and encouragement.

Why A Village/Retreat Center?

Dream Village is committed to supporting men and women who take the Gospel of Salvation to the lost, who serve their local churches and who lead and train believers to serve Jesus Christ.

A venue is needed in the eastern provinces:

  • where leaders can gather for times together
  • where churches can bring groups of people for training, spiritual refreshing and fellowship
  • where individuals can withdraw from their usual environment to think, pray, plan and relax.

Project Description

  1. To operate a Village/Retreat Center that provides comfortable and economical facilities for churches, leaders and individuals to withdraw from their normal environment for fellowship, meetings or personal seeking of the Lord.
  2. To use and share facilities developed in the Shalom Dream Center to make the Village/Retreat Center affordable for guests and economical to run.
  3. To offer spiritual support to people who come for a time of refreshing and encouragement.
  4. To provide leaders with the facilities and personal help they need to run successful retreats – offering information and help to explore the natural surroundings in beautiful Mondulkiri province.

Facilities and Services

  1. The Dream Village will make dormitory accommodation available for group retreats and also some private units where individuals can spend time alone.
  2. Tented camping will also be possible with either catering provided by Shalom Dream Center staff or self-catering using cooking equipment on site.
  3. There will be a Meeting Room available for times of worship and fellowship.
  4. Ministry and counseling will be available. For example, where possible Shalom Dream Center staff will offer support to leaders of retreat groups in delivering messages, counseling or planning recreational activities.

How Can You Help Us?

We already have a site for the Dream Village on land purchased for the Shalom Dream Center Project. The overall cost of this project is specified in the Budget Breakdown.

In keeping with the Shalom Dream Center aim of gaining maximum use from multi-purpose buildings the Dream Village/Retreat Center will share facilities with the Bible School.

We estimate the following as the share of costs that should be allocated to the Dream Village Retreat Center:

Construction of the meeting/classroom/children's center building

Construction of a dormitory for students, retreat guests and youth camps

Construction of accommodations for visiting teachers and ministers

Cambodia is still a poor country and many Cambodian believers live a fairly basic lifestyle with little money for luxuries, especially outside the cities. The Dream Village will be clean, well equipped and safe, and we will offer good service to all who come. It may not be comparable to hotels or modern guest houses and will not suit those expecting accommodation to holiday hotel standards. However, those who come seeking good fellowship, to meet with God and to support the work will find it is sufficient for their needs.

To Make The Shalom Dream Center a Reality We Need You